Customer Innovation Center (CIC).

Material Innovations Expands Production Applications.

SRT Customer Innovation Center (CIC) is one which offers hands-on experience with the advanced technologies and applications of the Additive Manufacturing world. With the increased application of 3D Printing within various industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Automobile, Healthcare, Dental, Jewelry etc, it has become more crucial to understand how AM works and what are the principles it is built upon. With CIC our customers get an in-person experience of 3D Printing technologies and their principal applications with the opportunity to 3D Print their parts to understand the mechanism better and faster.

Shree Rapid's Customer Innovation Center: Touch, Feel and Benchmark 3D Printers & Scanners

Shree Rapid Technologies has India’s only CIC to offer our customers the interactive encounter with the world’s leading digital manufacturing technology. With the world’s most advanced technologies such as 3D Scanners, SLA, SLS, Composite CFF, LFS, Figure 4, MJP, MJP Wax, Direct Metal Printing, Metal X, the Customer Innovation Center of SRT is competently equipped with 18+ Equipments, 11+ Technologies, 40+ Materials.

At the Customer Innovation Center our customers can,

1. Benchmark 3D Printed parts.

4. Innovate & develop unique & complex designs for future use.

2. Design and customize prototypes.

5. Reverse Engineer old parts.

3. 3D Print End-Use Parts.

6. 3D Scan and develop CAD file.

Alone you can go fast, Together you can go far
- African proverb
Let’s create future, together.