Material Innovations Expands Production Applications.

3D printing is triggering a change in the way both small businesses and industry giants build and design their products. As this technology changes and matures, so will the future of engineering. 3D printing is expected to have a dramatic impact upon architecture, building design and manufacturing, with entire houses already been produced with giant 3D printers. 3D printing allows building designers to experiment with shapes and geometries in design that may not be financially viable with existing building techniques.

Digital engineering has a bright future ahead as the benefits and efficiencies offered by additive manufacturing are becoming more common among the general population. As the world becomes more digitized and integrated with computers, there are credible chances in the near future that innovative technologies will be applied to manufacturing techniques in ways the world has never experienced before.

Future generations will witness design customization from the digital factories established within their vicinity. Manufacturing organization will have to evolve, as traditional manufacturing will become nonexistent in the future. Companies will have to adopt digital engineering practices, such as additive manufacturing, to survive in a highly competitive marketplace.

High-value engineering applications.

Engineering Case Studies.

Agile Industrial Robot Grippers with Topology Optimization & Metal 3D Printing .

Historic Windmills Recreated Using 3D Printing .

Tailor-made Machines Get to Market Faster with MultiJet Printing .

Short innovation cycles & quick market launches for industry 4.0 ready wearables .

Creating an Electric
Motorbike with 3D Printing .

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