Material Innovations Expands Production Applications.

Take the design game to a whole new level, giving designer unlimited freedom to create even the most abstract and complex of designs with ease.

Endless Scopes for Jewellery Making

The 3D printing technology is capable of working with precious metals, the core components of jewellery. It creates joints which are stronger as jewellery is often created from one continuous piece of metal, rather than several pieces which have been welded together. This results in designs which are more accurate and intricate than those that have been created by hand, and, as mentioned, these designs can be a whole new range of 3D products that have previously been impossible to create.

One of the benefits of using this type of process in the jewellery industry is the level of efficiency that it brings. It’s not just for the whole printing of jewellery pieces that additive manufacturing is used. In some cases, 3D print moulds of the models are created from wax or resin. The moulds will be placed into a cast, and then the molten metal will be poured in. This dissolves the wax and leaves behind the solid metal jewellery.

Current Industry Scenario

3D printing is trending recently with cutting edge jewellery producers, as it can produce designs on demand and is able to market new products quickly. With the need to move forward with contemporary demands in customized jewellery of millennial consumers, companies are being pushed forward to embrace the advancement in manufacturing technologies. 3D printing, apart from being an incredibly efficient way to produce jewellery, is also an enabler of delicate and original designs. It transforms traditional production model to digital and rapid jewelry solution.

Digital technologies are not only making jewellery easier to customize, but also simpler to mass-produce designs. Stereolithography, 3D printing technology can reproduce complex features which are difficult to hand-carve in no time.

As the scope for 3D printing in jewellery industry seems almost limitless to create simpler, yet elegant, products. Designers in particular have taken a high degree of interest in using 3D printing to make their thoughts come to life. Using CAD software, in many ways one is only restricted by their own thoughts. 3D printing allows for new varieties of jewellery to be created with ease.

In a world where consumers are after instant products and where industries need to be more efficient, 3D printing is the perfect solution for creating a whole range of intricate products.

High-value jewellery applications.

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