Welcome to Shree Rapid Technologies

Shree Rapid Technologies is an unique company in India, focused mainly on Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing systems. We bring to India the state-of-the-art Rapid Prototyping , 3D Printing & Rapid Manufacturing technologies from industry pioneer 3D Systems Inc, USA. We also bring the most important technical knowhow about these technologies, their applications & customized solutions for every applications.

Wide range of 3D printing technologies are classfied as...
Desk top 3D Printing System with sleek industrial design and modest build size for quick office use form, fit prototyping application.
Professional 3D PRINTERS
Industrial 3D printing systems for Prototyping and Production applications.
Production 3D PRINTERS
SLA & SLS based 3D Printers with high speed, high quality and large format capacity 3D printers.
colorjet 3D PRINTERS
Real Colour 3D Printers which fits in for Educational institutions and commercial environments.
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